Daniel ( American )

Daniel is a American who has been living in Russia for the past 21 years. he worked on Moscow FM, the only English language radio station, for 4 years. For the past 5 years he has been doing voice over work, and has dubbed over 300 documentaries, trailers, shows… He has also trained actors how to speak Russian with an American accent and re-written scripts in Russian to sound more foreign. He is also the English commentator for Tech-Krep MMA, W5 Kickboxing, ACB Kickboxing, and Mir Box, Russia’s premiere boxing promoters.  He is also the voice for TNT, TV3, Pyatnitsa and TV4 in English.

To book Daniel please contact richard@rbfinland.com

Some samples of his work

Here are two promo commercials he did for TV3, Both of them won  awards during 2018

Commercials that Daniel has acted in.

Live Sports Commentary .